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LTD “MICROPRIBOR” is the operator of the electronic components market in Ukraine since 1993

The combination of a high professionalism of our staff and long experience in supply allows us to build successfully the partnership relations, combining the capabilities of foreign suppliers with the clients needs in Ukraine.

The main credo of our efforts is a comprehensive satisfaction of the customer inquires in a wide range of components beginning from the identification tags (standard or custom) to the intellectual products, including industrial computers, electronic sensors with the data processing systems, industrial monitors.

Our activities as a supplier of integrated circuits, passive components and electromechanical products, focused on the offer to the customer of the majority of practically important types of electronic components, fabricated by the active manufacturing company at the world market.

Indispensable condition of our work is the delivery of products certified according to the international or national standards. We guarantee our customers the high quality and reliability of supply products.

Terms of cooperation with foreign partners - suppliers, including firms-manufacturers who received international recognition and the largest European distribution companies, allow us to control all steps of orders and reliably guarantee the obligations fulfillment before customers.

LLC "MICROPRIBOR" is ready to offer the multiple electronic components - on our site you will find displays, touch screens, terminals Wago. Our range is really wide - you need a wire tagging, bill acceptor, a keyboard or a thermal printer? We are ready to offer even this product! Sixteen-year experience on the market confirmed the effectiveness of the package approach to the trade - many of our customers began to cooperate with us with small purchases - the labeling, terminals Wago. Ascertained in the high quality of our products, today, they are interested practically in all of our products as in inexpensive, such as a keyboard, bill acceptor, thermal printer, and electronic components for complex systems - displays, touch screens, etc.

On our site you will find a huge selection of the equipment and sensors for work monitoring of all kinds of equipment and vehicles, as well as instruments for scientific researches and developments. Since all sorts of technology and technical equipment is now used overall, then the encoder and potentiometer, weight sensor, sensors of displacement and acceleration (accelerometers), temperature sensors, force sensors and pressure sensors are quite popular and are virtually used in all industries. Also in our catalog in a wide range are presented: electronic components that are essential for work of many instruments and devices, such as single-board computer or stepper motor. In spite of its size and purpose of chip, transistors and safety devices, plugs and connectors are essential elements without which any equipment simply will not work. All products presented on the site are produced by the market leaders, has the certificates of quality and, of course, has reasonable prices. LLC “ MICROPRIBOR” is the beneficial partner on the market.

 All our equipment meets the case to all European quality standards and was repeatedly proven.

 Hard to imagine a company that does without the use of electronics and, in any case, the minimum set is acquired by all companies. We offer to you attention the full range of our products that will improve your work - terminals Wago, displays, touch screens. All of these components, as well as a keyboard, bill acceptor, wire tagging, thermal printer, and more, are always in stock at our warehouse, and at the most reasonable prices.